Magician Chris Capstone

Chris Capstone
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CAPSTONE'S old fashioned vaudeville style performances feature skillful sleight-of-hand, antique magician props, clean comedy and audience participation.

CAPSTONE is a versatile performer with the ability to entertain audiences of all types and sizes. From corporate events and festivals to private gatherings and even children's birthday parties, CAPSTONE does it all. Everyone, both young and old, enjoys watching a good magician!

​Let CAPSTONE make your next event a magical experience your guests will never forget.


So, you wanna self publish.

When I decided to self publish my first novel in the spring of 2009, people gave me one of two responses.  It was either a pity filled, "Oh, I see," or a concerned, "Have you completely lost your mind?"  The first response was usually accompanied with a down the nose look, implying my work wasn't good enough to considered by a "traditional" publisher.  Actually, I made hundreds of inquiries to both traditional publishers and pay to publish firms before deciding to self publish.

Positives - Having owned a weekly newspaper and local origination cable TV channel in the 1990's, I came to self publishing knowing a thing or three about marketing and building a brand.  Using free databases available from state press associations and other sources, I created an extensive email list of media contacts.  Next, I wrote a press release, timing its arrival to media outlets during the traditionally slow news cycle following July 4th.  The subject of the press release carried a strong human interest story line, "Author out to beat the odds."

Within days, dozens of print and on line outlets in Oklahoma published the story, most running it without editorial changes.  The success of this campaign, which only cost an investment of my time, resulted in immediate Google presence for the novel, my name and web site.  Since the initial campaign, I continue to reinforce brand strength with stunning book covers, marketing materials and the most unforgettable business card you'll ever see, created through a collaboration with Pamela Fox, a brilliant, Tulsa based graphic artist.

Negatives - The agenda for publishing my first novel was very personal.  My wife and high school sweetie of more than thirty-six years, died the previous November.  I'm honest when I say, writing the book truly saved my life.  The error in my agenda was not properly editing the novel before publication.  Although the story was good, I made every classic, rookie novelist mistake.  Luckily, I began participating in a local writers group, receiving sound advice and much needed critiques.  Recognizing my mistakes (and swallowing my pride), the novel was re-edited, eliminating 5,000 words, making it a much better read.

The Continuing Adventure of Self Publishing -  What I accomplished in sales, marketing and brand recognition can be easily duplicated on a shoe string budget.  My web site offers an opportunity to learn the ups and downs, successes and failures of self publishing for less than the cost of lunch at my favorite Tulsa burger joint.  Actually, the only cost is the amount of time you are willing to invest.

Write your book, join a writers group and learn from the critiques.  Then, edit, edit, edit and edit some more.  Make the best decision for you on getting your work into the market.  If you choose traditional publishing, go for it with all guns blazing.  If you choose self publishing, call on me any time.  Lunch at my favorite burger joint is always dutch treat.  Check out my web site at www.indianrockvampire.com



Author and Oklahoma native, Judith Houston-Emerson, is available to schedule book signings, readings, and lectures. Numer endorsements attest to her skill and talent. Vist her webpage and schedule her soon in your library, school, store, or literary event.


Marilyn A. Hudson - Author and Storyteller

 1. A Story program with THE GHOST TELLER, age appropriate tales lasting approximately 40 minutes.  Approximately 4 stories.  Cost: $150 + Mileage (Central Oklahoma).

-K-5 Story Programs
1 -A story program of age appropriate tales lasting approximately 40 minutes, for a multi-age audience.  Approximately 4 stories. Cost: $180 + mileage
2 - One story program of age appropriate tales lasting approximately 30 minutes, for a single group of same age children. Approximately 4 stories. Cost: $ 80 dollars + mileage.
11 to 16 Story Programs
3 - One story program of age appropriate tales lasting approximately 30 minutes, for a single group of same age youth in metro OKC area only. Approximately 4 stories. Cost: $ 80 dollars
 2.  An AUTHOR Visit for teens and/or adults covering my books, writing, and research with lively readings from select titles.  Approximately 45-50 minutes.  Cost $150 + Mileage (Central Oklahoma) and ability to offer books for sale or signing.

Note: The Storyteller reserves the right to adjust content or length due to the makeup of the audience.    Some story programs are not appropriate for all ages.



Vivian Zabel is an author, editor, and former English and writing teacher. She has seven books in print and holds workshops about writing, finding a publisher, and other topics dealing with writing.

She has written books for teens and adults. Her teen books attract reluctant readers as well as those who love to read and adults.

Vivian ZabelExperience the Emotion
Life - Mystery - Love

Coming this fall: Stolen


Susi Wolf

An expienced storyteller and faciliator who has done many adult and children's events for a number of years. "I am from Dallas but currently reside in Albuquerque, NM."

Below is a synopsis of some of the storytelling programs available. I am currently developing new one-woman shows and characters for future events.

General Storytelling
Using interactive fun, props, puppets and more, storytelling programs are learning opportunities and allow students to explore the wonder of oral tradition. All stories used are age-appropriate and offer moral lessons, teach values and more. Some stories are original while many are folktales from other cultures all over the world.

Therapeautic Storytelling
Using healing stories, Susi Wolf has worked throughout the therapeautic community (domestic violence shelters, addiction recovery centers and more) bringing stories as a true source of healing and comfort. Her programs have been highly effective and well received by both clients and staff. Some stories are original while many are folktales from other cultures all over the world.

American Girl Tea Party Storytelling
A successful and educational program for all ages of children. Susi Wolf utilizes her acting background and portrays Gran Mary of the American Girl book series. She appears by virtue of "magic" from the past and tells stories of her time in history and also gives etiquette lessons. This program has always been well received.

Animal Program
Because Susi Wolf has a strong zoological background (she even worked for Jane Goodall conducting captive chimp behavior studies), she incorporates her animal education experience into storytelling events. Using puppets, biofacts and multicultural animal tales, this show is best suited for older audiences.

Mrs. Claus Show
Susi Wolf has performed and toured regionally with this delightful holiday show. Comprised of fun stories, music and a sing-a-long, this one hour presentation offers joy and warmth. It has achieved high success as an evening family show, usually in tandem with a facility holiday party. Truly this program is a crowd pleaser. A photo of Mrs. Claus is on the web site so you can see the wonder of the “First Lady of Frost.”

Multiple Storytelling Workshops
Susi Wolf is an experienced trainer and offers storytelling workshops for the general public, therapists, teachers and librarians so they can incorporate this educational tool into their programs. Workshops vary with 2 hour, half day or full day classes. Please visit her web site for specific courses currently offered.
Be sure to visit Susi Wolf at www.wolfsongcreative.com and discover the variety of services and entertainment offered.

Susi Wolf 
Tel: 505-881-1220


Cullan Hudson Targeting South and Central Oklahoma 2014

Author Cullan Hudson is available for presentations to libraries and other venues about his book, Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma, his novel The Mound and the research process used in discovering the mysteries.  A sequel is due out soon for both works.
Visit his blog at Strange State.

Andrea Foster aka The BookLady

Her webpage is here. Check out some of her activities.

Historic Costumed Presence

Marilyn A. Hudson can add to your event through her presence in historic costume.  Advertise an event, add to a historic site or theme....  Reasonable rates.  Can serve as guide and share stories if needed.


Area : central Oklahoma



Judy Howard, Owner since 1976 of  Buckboard Antique Quilts

250 quality vintage quilts at affordable prices

Award-winning Author of:

Heavenly Patchwork--Quilt Stories Stitched with Love

Heavenly Patchwork II--Quilts Stories to Warm Your Heart

Centennial Stitches--Oklahoma History in Quilts

Programs, Exhibits & Fund-Raising Discounts Available

Book, Program & Exhibit Profits go to Charity Quilting


About my visit:
1. I share childhood memories. I explain how most of the characters are based on real people, from our family or our neighborhood. I reveal a secret about the books.

2. I have a question and answer session.
3. A slide show sharing everything from family photos to where Marc lives and works. It also includes, Arthur in the Macy's Day parade and a review on how Marc writes a book.
4. I read a D.W. book on slides.
5. I show how Marc illustrates a book using original rough sketches to the color proof from the publisher.

6. We all draw Arthur together using a simple 8 step formula.
7. All the children get a Marc Brown autographed stamp on their Arthur drawing or a book.

I recommend grades 1-4 for my visit but I have done my presentation for many K-6 schools and even adults. My fees vary according to your needs. I am able to do 4 presentations in 1 day. They are 60 minutes (45 minutes for kindergarten) including the autographing. I limit my audience to approximately 200 students.
If a school is hiring me for the whole day (4 presentations) we can work with the number of students and give everyone a chance to see my presentation.
Travelling close to home: $300.00 per presentation, plus mileage and lodging when necessary.
Travelling by air: $300.00 per presentation, with all expenses paid for by the hosting school. (minimum of 3 presentations)
PAY NO TRAVEL EXPENSES ! If you can coordinate 8 presentations in 2 or 2 ½ days, I will pay all my own expenses.

Order books from the publisher at 40% off. Call Hachette Books 1-800-759-0190.
Contact information: Kim Brown 115 Gregory St. Litchfield, NE. 68852 ~ Cell: 308-238-3552~ Email: dwrules2000@hotmail.com~ Website: www.marcbrownstudios.com

I have been travelling the country for 12 years sharing my presentation with schools, libraries and museums. If you have a special request please do not hesitate to ask. I have references I will be happy to share upon request.  Sincerely,  Kim Brown AKA D.W.

Oklahoma History Theater

Plays and musicals on a variety of topcis related to the exciting history of Oklahoma. OHT offers a broad range of titles.


To schedule a show, produce a play or commission a new show Phone (405) 922-5760
Example: "Railroad Fever," A full length musical about Oklahoma's railroads, the daring men who built them, the towns that grew up around them, and the women who encouraged their men to follow a dream. (Full length Musical)

History, Biblical musicals and more.
To contribute, help us acquire a building, or volunteer, (405) 922-5760 email historytheater@yahoo.com
Tell me a fact and I learn, Tell me a truth and I believe, but tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.
Indian proverb

Email us at: manager@historytheater.org
Entertaining audiences by dramatizing history and setting it to music to attract business and tourism from around the world

Russell Turner

Contact: 918/658/3374   / 805/895/4198
Symbolic image courtesy of fundraw.com
Poteau, Oklahoma  
rcturner AT windstream.net

Making the Magic Happen (Sample Program):
This will be a fun, informative and inspirational program of mixing magic with a message on a kids level. Audience participation, visual surprises, comedy and mystery describe this show presented by veteran magician, Russell Turner. For the teens, Russell will conduct a 'hands on' workshop revealing some of his magical secrets so others can enjoy this fascinating hobby.

Length of Program: 50 minutes for first program 90 minutes for teen workshop

Ages: 3-12 and 13-19
Cost: $165.00 plus mileage (40 cents per mile)
Travel range: 200 miles from Poteau, Oklahoma
Refences: Carol Gill, Library, Poteau, Ok. 918-647-3833; Glenda, Library, Spiro, Ok. 918-963-3461

John the Franklin

A laid back group that plays soft rock, ballads, and some country. They have played country clubs, private events, restaurants, grand openings, community events, runs, and concert venues.

Find them on FACEBOOK

www.jtfmusic.blogspot.com - Video with sample of their music!

Marilyn A. Hudson

Author, Historian, Storyteller,and Book promotion.    Marilyn A. Hudson aka The Ghost Teller, Oklahoma's only teller specializing in the legends, stories and haunted histories of the region, now scheduling for the fall.   Find her books at WHORL BOOKS and read about her storytelling at Marilyn A. Hudson.

Barbara Jones

Molly Lemmons

Molly is an award-winning author of six books, and teaches classes on "Writing and Telling Stories from the Heart." She presents her workshops and stories around the state and beyond to churches, schools, clubs, historical venues, and anywhere inspirational, humorous, and entertaining stories are requested. Her stories encourage you to celebrate God, family, relationships, and life.

She's been published in many periodicals, and Chicken Soup for the Soul, and Heavenly Patchwork as well. Several online publications published her stories also. Her news column was carried by papers in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Oklahoma.
Please contact Miss MollyLouBelle With Tales to Tell for her schedule, fees, and any questions regarding the ordering of her books.

Phone# 405-376-2576

Kathryn Thurman

Kathryn Thurman is a storyteller who uses her musical background to create stories that can be enhanced with different types of music. She has spent the last fifteen years performing in schools, libraries, museums, churches, Girl Scout camps, and community events. She blends her cultural heritage, professional training in the fine arts, experiences as a church choir director and her outdoor environmental education to study and acquire unique musical instruments that will add an educational dimension to her presentations. Each program is crafted with insight, passion, and humor. Add entertaining and inspiring music and her style of performance is perfect for a family audience.
A published Author, Poet, and Book Reviewer, she travels to diverse locations to perform for audiences of all ages, from the preschool children who love puppets, to adult senior groups who need a good laugh and a little nostalgia. With a background involving over fifty theatrical and musical productions, Kathryn brings the spontaneity of the theater into her performances. Her programs can include such instruments as the psaltery, cedar and river cane flutes, slide whistles, finger cymbals, spoons, kazoos, and percussion frogs. When possible, Kathryn adds audience participation and interaction in the story process by singing a song, clapping a lively rhythm, or teaching a dance movement.

Kathryn grew up with Czechoslovakian, Scottish, Irish, and Muskogee Creek stories. Her family stories come from a mixture of what she remembers as a child, and stories she has researched and adapted. She has been playing the Native American flute since childhood, plays woodwind and percussion instruments, and recently added the psaltery.

Kathryn’s Musical Story programs include: Nature and Environmental Stories / Fairy Tales & Folktales from around the World / Family Stories / Multi-Cultural Stories / Campfire and Ghost Stories / Holiday and Seasonal Stories / Motivational and Inspirational Stories